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Come to your senses. Light up your life with the luxurious, long-lasting ambiance created for you by Moonlit Candles.

We offer over 50 rich fragrances to set the precise mood you want. Set a romantic mood with the warm glow of candlelight with a sultry scent. De-stress your day and relax with one of our healing aromatherapy candles. Welcome guests with a luscious Cinnamon Apple scent. Or, merely cleanse the air and freshen your home with one of our clean smelling floral or citrus fragrances.

Energize your spirits with spicy scents, or try one of our unusual signature selections, such as Cherry Almond, Moonlit Path or Grapefruit Marshmallow. For a truly decadent, self-indulgent experience, you should experience our zero calorie Fudge Brownie candle.

All Moonlit Candles are hand-crafted using the finest ingredients. Our candles are long lasting with burn times of up to 12 - 15 hrs. for our 2 oz. votives, and up to 80 hrs. for our 12 oz jar candles. Our wicks and waxes are clean burning. Our fragrances are robust, richly scented and are very pleasant to the senses. One candle can scent several rooms.

Moonlit Candles make great gifts, too. They are available in 2 oz. votives and attractively packaged in 6 oz. tins, 8 oz. jars, and 12 oz. jars. See our complete listing for fragrances and sizes.

For orders please call tall free 866-473-0950 or download our retail order form here .

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